About Detail World Automotive Restyling Centers

Your investments are reflections of who you are. That's why we've dedicated over twenty years to developing the most sophisticated restyling options. You worked hard for your car, truck, boat, or recreational vehicle. We're in the business of making it work hard and look good for you.

Whether you're family-minded and need an extra layer of safety features, a first-adopter who gets a thrill from having the latest in automotive style, or any where in between, Detail World Automotive Restyling Centers can transform your vehicle into your dream ride. We're experts in vehicle customization, and can recommend services that you may not have even thought possible.

Detail World Automotive Restyling Centers opened its first location Amelia, Ohio in 2011 with a mission to deliver the best and highest quality detail oriented services on automobiles, boats and recreational vehicles. With the help of our awesome customers, we opened our second location in Milford, Ohio in 2016. Our continued success in customer service, restyling, protection, and reconditioning allowed us to open our third location in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2018. We opened this ten thousand square foot superstore for our customers our handle or vast amount of skilled services on big trucks, boats, and automotive customizing. 

So, why restyling? We got into this business because we saw opportunities for our customers to fall in love with their investments again. Your vehicle will be in your life for a long time. Now more than ever, vehicles are lasting longer and keeping their value over time. But just because your vehicle is still getting you around, that doesn't mean you shouldn't have the latest and greatest features. We can upgrade any auto, boat, or RV so that it rivals new releases. Restyling is the best kept secret for staying current without having to trade in your ride. 

Reigniting the flame between vehicle and owner grew into a full-blown passion. The team at Detail World has made automotive, marine, fleet, and RV restyling our life. Our work has become about more than just upgrading vehicles, because we get to share in the feeling our customer gets when they experience their improved vehicle for the first time. Their joy becomes our joy. Their newfound confidence when they get behind the wheel reminds us why we do what we do. Our customer experience ends in an infectious delight that reinforces our commitment to our mission: providing better products, services, and installations, at the best price, with the best possible customer service.